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The Best-Of-Breed Light Compaction Equipment Manufacturer!

MIKASA is a world-leading manufacturer producing light-sized Compaction Equipment for the construction industry and other applications. Since 1937 when the company was founded, MIKASA has established a solid reputation built on a strong business record as a light- sized construction equipment manufacturer in the civil engineering and construction industry. Our product line includes Tamping Rammers, Forward Compactors, Reversible Compactors, Hand-Guided Vibration Rollers, and many such specialized equipment. 

Based in Tokyo, Japan, the company has assumed a dominant position over the past 50 years in its export business, which is helping our products to take prominent positions in U.S.A., Europe, Asia, and other countries. It is through the strength of our global distribution partners that we are able to create such a worldwide success. For nearly 80 years, we have successfully adapted to the changing global needs and diversified our products.

THE TECHNOLOGY OF MIKASA is illustrated in scenes of various construction job sites, particularly in the maintenance of the industry base and general society infrastructure.

Mikasa products include:

  • Concrete Cutter – Dust Collecting Type Dry Cutter
  • Concrete Cutter – Wet Cutter
  • Concrete Vibrator – GH Concrete Vibrator
  • Concrete Vibrator – GS Concrete Vibrator
  • Concrete Vibrator – High Cycle Frequency Concrete Vibrator
  • Concrete Vibrator – High Cycle Frequency Concrete Vibrator (Steel type)
  • Concrete Vibrator – High Cycle Frequency Engine Generator
  • Concrete Vibrator – High Frequency Inverter & Voltage Converter
  • Concrete Vibrator – Portable Concrete Vibrator (Rubber hose type)
  • Concrete Vibrator – Portable Concrete Vibrator (Special unique type)
  • Concrete Vibrator – Portable Concrete Vibrator (Steel pipe type)
  • Plate Compactor – Heavy Duty line
  • Plate Compactor – Inter-Locking Block Plate
  • Plate Compactor – Standard line
  • Plate Compactor – Standard line
  • Reversible Compactor – Compaction Sensor Models
  • Reversible Compactor – Heavy Weight
  • Reversible Compactor – Light Weight
  • Special Construction Equipment – Power Trowel
  • Special Construction Equipment – Submersible Pump & Drive unit
  • Submersible Pump & Drive unit
  • Tamping Rammer – MTX series
  • Vibration Roller
  • and much more.